Our approach

The principles we apply to our work, including our code of conduct. How we recruit. How we respond to complaints.


We are an independent body accountable to Parliament

What we do

We recommend fair electoral and boundary arrangements for local authorities in England

We aim to

  • Make sure that, within an authority, each councillor represents a similar number of electors
  • Create boundaries that are appropriate, and reflect community ties and identities
  • Deliver reviews informed by local needs, views and circumstances

We want to be regarded as

Impartial                giving equal consideration to all views

Objective               making recommendations based on evidence

Responsive           listening to local opinion

Transparent           following clear and open processes

Professional          being reliable, efficient and helpful

How we work together and with others

  • We believe an inclusive culture enriches all we do
  • We value diversity and the benefits different perspectives and experiences bring to all our work
  • We are committed to being a team that is inclusive in the way we work together and the way we engage with those contributing to our reviews