Changing parish boundaries

‘Community Governance Reviews’ are locally-led. Once complete, we may need to make changes to ward or electoral division boundaries.
Houses in Woolacombe


What a community governance review does

London Boroughs, district and unitary councils can decide whether to:

  • Create new parishes or community councils
  • Change the boundaries of existing parishes
  • Group parishes together

Ward boundaries often follow parish boundaries, as do county electoral divisions. Once a community governance review is finished a council can request that we make changes to ward or division boundaries.

These changes are called related alterations. Proposals for such changes should be consulted on as part of a review and the recommendation made to the Commission.

How a community governance review comes about

  • A London Borough, district or unitary council decides to carry out a community governance review
  • Local people can formally petition their council to ask for a review 

Detailed guidance on community governance review