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Greater London Authority constituency reviews

On 19 May 1998 the LGCE commenced a review of the electoral areas for the Assembly of the Greater London Authority (GLA). The Commission was directed to have regard to the White Paper, A Mayor and Assembly for London.

The Commission's task was to consider, in consultation with all affected interests, how the individual electoral areas should be defined and named. The task was tiggered by a formal Direction issued by the Secretary of State under the Greater London Authority (Referendum) Act 1998. The Direction required a report showing the recommended electoral areas into which Greater London should be divided for the Assembly elections, and the names by which each area should be known. It specifed that the total number of electoral areas must be 14, and that there is to be one member per electoral area. 

The Commission's work related exclusively to the definition of these electoral areas: it did not extend to arrangements for the election of the Mayor, nor of the 11 other members of the Assembly.