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Unitary patterns of local government in Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon

2nd March 2010

Unitary patterns of local government in Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon

9th February 2009

The Boundary Committee welcomes the Secretary of States recognition that, in the light of the ongoing legal proceedings, it would be inappropriate for the Committee to provide any advice by 13 February.

We wrote to the Secretary of State on 23 January explaining that in our view the deadline of 13 February was no longer realistic.

We are mindful of the need to end the period of uncertainty for residents and their local authorities.

The Committee will now consider next steps.


For further information contact:

Boundary Committee for England Press office on 020 7271 0704

[email protected]

Outside office hours: 07789 920414

Notes to Editors:

  1. The Boundary Committee for England is responsible for reviewing local authority electoral arrangements, i.e. defining boundaries for local government wards and divisions and the number of councillors to be elected.
  2. It is also responsible for conducting reviews of local government external boundaries and structure.
  3. On 3 March 2008, we started structural reviews of Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon. During the first stage of the review (to 11 April 2008) we worked with local authorities and other stakeholders to identify potential concepts for new unitary authorities.
  4. The Committee published its draft proposals on 7 July 2008, followed by a 12 week consultation, during which we invited views from local people.
  5. The consultation period ended on 26 September 2008. The Secretary of State requested that the Committee provide any final advice by 31 December 2008 and this deadline was changed to 13 February 2009 following Justice Cranstons judgment in the judicial review brought by three local authorities in Norfolk.