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Start of review for Essex electoral arrangements

31st October 2003

Start of review for Essex electoral arrangements

6th August 2002

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A review of Essex County Council's electoral arrangements starts today.  The review will be carried out by The Boundary Committee for England and aims to make sure, where possible, that every county councillor represents the same number of electors. The review will also take into account the identities and interests of local communities in the area.

Reviews have to be carried out periodically because the number and distribution of electors change over time. The Committee can recommend changes to the number of councillors, the number and boundaries of divisions, including the creation of new divisions, and the names of divisions. The Committee can also, if necessary, recommend changes to the electoral arrangements of parish and town councils, where they exist.

The Committee cannot consider changes to the external boundaries of a county, district or parish, or create new parishes. However, changes to parish boundaries can be considered by the relevant district, following a parish review under the Local Government and Rating Act 1997.

Local people, interested parties and associations are invited to submit their own proposals for changes to electoral arrangements by writing to the Committee no later than 25 November 2002: The Team Leader (Essex), The Boundary Committee for England, Trevelyan House, Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2HW.

The Committee expects to publish draft recommendations for consultation in spring 2003.  Following public consultation on the draft recommendations, the Committee will make final recommendations on changes to electoral arrangements towards the end of next year.

Notes to editors:

  1. The Boundary Committee is a statutory committee of The Electoral Commission.

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