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Review of local government electoral arrangements in Lincoln begins today

18th April 2005

Review of local government electoral arrangements in Lincoln begins today

3rd August 2004

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The Boundary Committee for England will begin a review of Lincoln's electoral arrangements today. The review aims to make sure that, where possible, every city councillor represents the same number of electors. The identities and interests of local communities in the area will also be taken into consideration.

The last review of this area was completed in 1997 but, as a result of population changes, significant electoral imbalances have arisen [2]. Because of these electoral imbalances it has been decided that a further review is required.

As part of the reviews, the Committee will be asking local people to consider whether there should be any changes to the number of councillors currently being elected to council. Local people, interested parties and associations will then have until 15 November 2004 to provide comments to the Committee.

Pamela Gordon, Chair of The Boundary Committee, says 'The purpose of the review is to ensure that, as far as possible, every councillor represents the same number of electors and that everyones vote is equal. We hope to hear from as many people as possible so that the recommendations put forward are fully representative of their views.'

Anyone wishing to make representations to the Committee on these reviews should do so by writing after the start of the review on 3 August 2004 to: The Boundary Committee for England, Trevelyan House, Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2HW.

All representations will be available for inspection, after 15 November 2004, by appointment at the Committees offices and copies will be available at the offices of the City of Lincoln Council. A list of respondents will also be available on request from the Committee.



For further information contact:

Maxine Hoeksma on 020 7271 0531 or Tabitha Cunniffe 020 7271 0529

Out of office hours 07789 920 414, Fax: 020 7271 0528

[email protected]

Notes to editors:

1.      The Boundary Committee is a statutory committee of The Electoral Commission.

2.      In the City of Lincoln the worst imbalance is in Hartsholme ward, where the councillor represents 23% more electors than the city average, while the councillor for Abbey ward represents 21% fewer electors than the city average.