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Final recommendations for Isle of Wight electoral arrangements

26th February 2010

Final recommendations for Isle of Wight electoral arrangements

18th June 2008

The Boundary Committee for England has published its final recommendations for the Isle of Wight’s future electoral arrangements.

The Committee has made a number of recommendations for the island, including a reduction in the number of councillors from 48 to 40 and changes to division boundaries.

The Committee was directed to undertake the review by the Electoral Commission, as there were significant differences in the number of electors each councillor represents across the island. The Electoral Commission will now consider the recommendations and, if satisfied with them and with the procedures that have been followed, will implement the new electoral arrangements by making an Order.

Max Caller, Chair of the Boundary Committee for England, said: “Our recommendations take into account the interests and identities of local communities across the Isle of Wight. If implemented by the Electoral Commission, these recommendations should ensure an effective and representative future for local government on the Isle of Wight.”

The final recommendations can be viewed on the Committee’s website at


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Notes to editors

1. The Boundary Committee for England is a statutory committee of the Electoral Commission and is responsible for conducting electoral reviews of local authorities in England.

2. The review of Isle of Wight Council began on 13 February 2007, when the Committee invited initial proposals from interested parties in the area.

3. The final recommendations can be viewed at

4. The Electoral Commission is responsible for considering the Boundary Committee’s recommendations and, if satisfied, implementing them. Further information can be found in our guidance Electoral reviews: what they are and how you can get involved (PDF) (page 18)