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Community and business leaders share their views with Boundary Committee

2nd March 2010

Community and business leaders share their views with Boundary Committee

8th August 2008

Boundary Committee members have been meeting with Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk business leaders, community and voluntary groups and partner organisations to listen to views on the Committee’s draft proposal for unitary local government in the regions and what the independent body has been asked to do by the government.

Describing all the meetings, held over the last two weeks, as “positive and productive”, the Committee recognised that a wide variety of experiences and perspectives were put across, spanning all sides of the debate. The Committee wants everyone in the counties to write, e-mail or fill in an online form outlining what they think and why they think it.

Speaking on behalf of the Boundary Committee, Chair Max Caller said: “Evidence from people across Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk is crucial to us and will help to make our final proposal as good as it can be. It doesn’t mean we’re just looking for complex technical and financial evidence; telling us things like what areas of the county you look to for shopping or for leisure activities or for services like hospitals and recycling centres could also help us.

“We are publishing everything we receive on our website so take a look at it as other responses we’ve had so far could spark off something that will help you put your views in writing.”

Further meetings will be held during the summer. The Boundary Committee will be accepting views on the draft proposals until 26 September, after which it will consider all responses before providing its final advice to the Secretary of State on 31 December.

You can contribute to the review by writing to:

  Review Manager (Norfolk and Suffolk or Devon)
  The Boundary Committee
  Trevelyan House
  30 Great Peter Street
  SW1P 2HW

By e-mailing [email protected]

You can also contribute  by filling in an online form at:

For further information contact

Gareth Nicholson on 020 7271 0638

[email protected]

outside office hours: 07789 920414

Notes to editors

1. The Boundary Committee for England is an independent body. It is a statutory committee of the Electoral Commission. It is responsible for reviewing local authority electoral arrangements, e.g. defining boundaries for local elections and the number of councillors to be elected, and for conducting reviews of local government external boundaries and structure.

2. Further guidance on responding to a Boundary Committee consultation is available on the website.

3. Consultation responses can be viewed here on the Committee website.