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Changes to West Sussex electoral arrangements finalised

25th February 2010

Changes to West Sussex electoral arrangements finalised

13th March 2009

The Electoral Commission has agreed the new local government electoral arrangements for West Sussex, following recommendations by the Boundary Committee for England. The new county electoral divisions will come into force at the 2009 county elections on 4 June 2009.

West Sussex County Council requested an electoral review as it sought to move to an entire pattern of single-member divisions, with each electoral area represented by one county councillor. The review does not affect the electoral arrangements of any of the district or borough wards in West Sussex.

Following representations made to the Electoral Commission, the Boundary Committees recommendations were implemented without any further modification.

The orders were made on 6 March 2009, and will be published on the Office of Public Sector Information website (

To see the new local government boundaries, maps are available on the Electoral Commission website:


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Notes to editors:

1. The Electoral Commission is an independent body set up by the UK Parliament. Our aim is integrity and public confidence in the UKs democratic process. We regulate party and election finance and set standards for well-run elections.

2. The Boundary Committee for England (BCFE) is a statutory committee of the Electoral Commission.

3. After the BCFE published their final recommendations, the public had 8 weeks during which to put representations to the Commission about those recommendations. That period ended on 9 January.