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Requests for related alterations following Community Governance Reviews


After a community governance review, principle authorities may wish to request related alterations to ward and division boundaries. The responsibility for making these alterations now falls to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE). Guidance on community governance reviews and related alterations can be found here - community governance review guidance (PDF)

The LGBCE has an intensive programme of electoral reviews planned, to which it must give priority. Accordingly, the level of resources the LGBCE will be able to devote to considering requests for and making related alteration Orders (the legal document which effects the changes) will be limited.

Unless requests for related alterations have been made to the LGBCE by 1 October, there can be no guarantee that any Order will be made in time for implementation in elections in May.

Supporting information required when making a request for related alterations:

  • A copy of the Reorganisation of Community Governance Order
  • The Order maps
  • Details of exactly what areas have moved and how many electors are currently in each area, as well as a five year forecast and details of the electoral cycle. Click here for an example table.
  • A copy of the report to Council detailing the outcome of consultations, the recommendations made and evidence of consultation (for example, photocopies of adverts or notices placed)
  • A copy of signed agreement to the related alterations from the County Council and District Council

All requests for related alteration Orders should be sent to:

Review Manager


1st Floor, Windsor House

50 Victoria Street