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About principal area boundary reviews


What is a Principal Area Boundary Review (PABR)?

Principal area boundary reviews (PABR's) are reviews of the boundaries between local authorities. Reviews range from addressing minor boundary anomalies that affect a few houses, to mergers of councils. 

We may undertake a PABR of the external boundary of a district or county either at the request of the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, at the request of a local council or on our own initiative.

Currently, the Commission's policy is to not undertake a PABR that is not requested by all local authorities affected.

Historic PABRs

The LGBCE is not currently conducting any principal area boundary reviews (PABR's).

The Commission recently completed PABR's in

Guidance for PABRs

PABR: technical guidance (PDF) - this guidance introduces a new programme of boundary reviews to deal with the external boundaries of local authorities: from clearing up minor anomalies to whole-council mergers.

In November 2010, the LGBCE consulted all principal local authorities in England about the new guidance and put forward a series of proposals to shorten review timetables. The guidance, published on 24 May 2011, will be effective for all future PABRs and electoral reviews. Click here to read both consultation papers and responses. 

Records and Resources

We hold a record of all boundary reviews conducted by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England between 1972 and 1992, when that organisation was replaced by the Local Government Commission for England.

Details of these reviews are now available on the Records and Resources page.