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West Berkshire

image map View existing ward boundaries

The Commission is carrying out an electoral review of West Berkshire Council.


The aim of the electoral review is to recommend ward boundaries that mean each councillor represents approximately the same number of voters. We also aim to ensure that the pattern of wards reflects the interests and identities of local communities as well as promoting effective local government. In order to achieve these aims, we need to re-draw ward boundaries across West Berkshire.

The consultation on warding arrangements for West Berkshire closed on 10 April 2017.

On 24 January 2017, we started the first period of consultation for a pattern of wards for West Berkshire Council. Between 24 January 2017 and 10 April 2017, we invited comments on the ward boundaries for the authority.

The Commission announced that it was minded to recommend that West Berkshire Council should have 42 councillors in the future.

The Commission needed information from people and groups across West Berkshire to help it to produce a new pattern of wards to accommodate 42 councillors.

For more information, read the news release and the letter to the Chief Executive of West Berkshire Council.

You may find the electoral figures useful when thinking about warding arrangements. 

Polling district maps may also be useful when thinking about warding arrangements. You can view the polling district map below. Please note, polling district mapping data has been supplied by West Berkshire Council and may contain boundary errors.

West Berkshire polling district map

To view the existing warding arrangements, visit our consultation area. You can search by area or postcode.

N.B - 7 February 2017: Please note we were aware of errors in the figures in our consultation area. These have now been amended and the consultation deadline has been extended by a week until the 10th April 2017.

Guidance is available on our Guidance Page. You may also wish to read our document Electoral Reviews: Technical Guidance, which contains detailed guidance on the review process and information on the legislation reviews are carried out under.

As part of the preliminary process we consulted with West Berkshire Council on the most appropriate council size (the number of councillors on West Berkshire Council). We received 1 submission on council size:

West Berkshire Council Submission

An electoral review of West Berkshire Unitary Authority (UA) was started on 27 March 2001

The Order implementing The Electoral Commission's decision on the final recommendations of this review has been made and can be viewed on Her Majesty's Stationery Office's website. The Implementation Team section of the Commission's website explains how the Commission's decisions on The Boundary Committee for England's final recommendations are made into Orders. The current boundaries of the electoral wards and divisions can be viewed on Ordnance Survey's election maps website. Parish warding is not shown on the election maps website. It can be seen on the mapping from the Committee's final recommendations below; any modifications are listed in the Explanatory Note at the back of the Order.

Final report  (PDF) was published 03 April 2002

Map 1 Existing wards in West Berkshire UA; (PDF)

Map 2 The Commission's final recommendations for West Berkshire UA; (PDF)

Map A1 Illustrates, in outline form, the proposed wards for West Berkshire; (PDF)

Map A2 Illustrates the proposed Denefield parish ward and Westwood ward; (PDF)

Map A3 Illustrates the proposed Birch Copse and Calcot wards; (PDF)

Large map (5.07 Mb) illustrates the proposed warding arrangements for Newbury and Thatcham; (PDF)

Draft report  (PDF) was published 09 October 2001

Map 1 Existing wards in West Berkshire UA; (PDF)

Map 2 The Commission's draft recommendations for West Berkshire UA; (PDF)

Map A1 Illustrates, in outline form, the proposed ward boundaries within the district and indicates the areas which are shown in more detail in Maps A2 and A3 and the large map; (PDF) 

Map A2  Illustrates the proposed warding of Tilehurst parish; (PDF) 

Map A3 Illustrates the proposed warding of Tilehurst and Holybrook parishes; (PDF)

Large map (5.07 Mb) illustrates the existing and proposed warding arrangements for Newbury and Thatcham; (PDF)

Review Dates

Date from
Date to
Consultation on warding arrangements 24 January 2017
3 April 2017
Consultation on draft recommendations 6 June 2017
7 August 2017
Final recommendations published
10 October 2017