Review Body

The Boundary Committee for England (BCFE) began reviewing the electoral arrangements of Wakefield on 8 May 2002. The review was completed on 29 July 2003.

The Order implementing The Electoral Commission's decision on the final recommendations of this review can be viewed on Her Majesty's Stationery Office's website. The current boundaries of the electoral wards and divisions can be viewed on Ordnance Survey's election maps website. Parish warding is not shown on the election maps website. It can be seen on the mapping from the Committee's final recommendations below; any modifications are listed in the Explanatory Note at the back of the Order.

Final recommendations, published on 29 July 2003.

Map 1 Existing wards in Wakefield

Map 2 Final recommendations for Wakefield

Map A1 illustrates, in outline form, the proposed ward boundaries and indicates the areas which are shown in more detail in the large maps.

Large map 1,large map 2,large map 3,large map 4,large map 5 and large map 6. These large maps illustrate the proposed warding arrangements for Wakefield.

Draft recommendations, published on 11 February 2003

Map 1 Existing wards in Wakefield

Map 2 Draft recommendations for Wakefield

Map A1 Draft recommendations key map

Large Map 1,large Map 2,large Map 3,large Map 4,large Map 5 and large Map 6 illustrate existing and proposed wards in Wakefield (These may take some time to download).