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Our spending

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) voluntarily publishes all items of spending over £500. As well as increasing our openness and accountability, we are ensuring that we meet the similar transparency requirements adhered to by central government and local authority bodies.

We have published details of payments made on or after 1 April 2010. It is updated quarterly.

The material published is taken from the accounting system used by LGBCE. Up until the 1st April 2015, all accounting information was provided through our third party service provider, the LGA, and Liberata Ltd. The tables they have provided are comprised of the following information:

  • Payment date
  • How we classify the payment in our accounts (Expense type) - this is a standard field which gives the name of the appropriate Chart of Accounts code we have recorded for the transaction
  • How we classify the payments in our accounts (Expense area) - this is a standard field that gives the name of the appropriate functional/operational area we have recorded for the transaction
  • Supplier name
  • Transaction number in our records
  • Amount of payment

Payments made by the LGBCE to the Local Government Association (LGA) for outsourced back office services provided by Liberata Ltd has been included in this information. However, the list has excluded payments that meet the following conditions:

  • Payments of remuneration to staff (this is because full disclosure of staff remuneration, including named senior staff, will be made in our annual accounts).
  • We redact the names of individuals where payments are made to them, and this data is kept private, as required by the Data Protection Act.

From 1st April 2015 the LGBCE took on full responsibility for the provision of its accounting information and there were some minor changes to the way the information is presented as a result. As in previous releases, tables exclude payments that meet the two sets of criteria above.

View LGBCE payments:

The LGBCE is committed to openness and transparency in all of its activities, including the fees and expenses of Commissioners and senior staff.

Accordingly, each quarter the Commission will publish the fees and expenses of all Commissioners, including the Chair, and the expenses of its Chief Executive and Directors (staff remuneration will be published annually, in the Commission’s Annual Report and Accounts).

The fees and expenses relate to those directly claimed by the individual. Expenditure made centrally on behalf of Directors or Commissioners is not included here but held separately in the accounts. Expenses are reimbursed in line with the Fees & Expenses policy which is based on HMRC guidance.

The fee structure for Commissioners, as agreed by a Committee of MPs chaired by the Speaker (the Speaker’s Committee), is currently as follows:

  • Chair – daily fee of £374 (£187 per half day)

  • Deputy Chair – daily fee of £329 (£164.50 per half day) unless formally deputising for the Chair, in which case the Chair’s fee rate applies

  • Other members – daily fee of £329 (£164.50 per half day)

The Speaker’s Committee has agreed that fee increases for Commission members should follow the recommendations of the Review Body on Senior Salaries for High Court judges, to the extent that they are accepted by the Government. Appointment as a member of the Commission does not attract a pension.  

Commissioners’ allowances and other expenses are in line with that of the Commission’s staff.

The payment of allowances and expenses for both Commissioners and staff is governed by the guidance provided in the Fees & Expenses policy document. Details of expenses for Commissioners can be found below.

Employees of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) are entitled to claim certain expenses in order to recompense them for expenditure incurred as part of their the work. Details of employee expenses can be found below.