Draft and final recommendation reports for Isle of Wight, carried out by the Boundary Commission for England (BCE)\; available for download.

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Isle of Wight

The BCE carried out an electoral review of Isle of Wight between 2007 - 2008. The aim of the review was to deliver electoral equality for voters in local elections and recommend ward boundaries that means each councillor represented approximately the same number of electors.


The review aimed to ensure that each Isle of Wight councillor represented roughly the same number of voters and that ward boundaries reflected the interests and identities of local communities.

We published our final recommendations for the Isle of Wight's future electoral arrangements (PDF) on 18 June 2008.

 On 16 September 2008 the Electoral Commission decided to accept the Boundary Committee's recommendations for new electoral arrangements for the Isle of Wight, without modifications. The new electoral divisions will come into force at the county council elections in 2009. Print and web versions of the order to give effect to this decision are published by the Office of Public Sector Information. The order refers to Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4, Sheet 5, Sheet 6, Sheet 7, Sheet 8 and Sheet 9 of the order map.  Current electoral boundaries are published by Ordnance Survey.

Final recommendations mapping:

Isle of Wight further electoral review - Final  recommendations- Map 1 (PDF)Isle of Wight further electoral review - Final  recommendations- Map 2 (PDF)
Isle of Wight further electoral review - Final  recommendations- Map 3 (PDF)
Isle of Wight further electoral review - Final  recommendations- Map 4 (PDF)
Isle of Wight further electoral review - Final  recommendations- Map 5 (PDF)
Isle of Wight further electoral review - Final  recommendations- Map 6 (PDF)

Stage One submissions

Isle of Wight Council

Isle of Wight Council (PDF)
Master Supplement (PDF)
Consultation Report (PDF)

Map - East Wight (PDF)
Map - West Wight (PDF)
Map - Totland & Freshwater (PDF)
Map - Cowes / East Cowes (PDF)
Map - Whippingham Road (PDF)
Map - Newport Area (PDF)
Map - Blackwater (PDF)
Map - Ryde Area (PDF)
Map - St Lawrence (PDF)
Map - Shanklin / Lake (PDF)
Map - Bembridge (PDF)


Councillor Humby 1 (PDF)
Councillor Humby 2 (PDF) 
Councillor McRobert (PDF)
Councillor Pigot (PDF)
Councillor Scoccia (PDF)
Councillor Ward (PFG)
Councillor Peacey-Wilcox (PDF)
Councillor Whittaker (PDF)

Associations and societies

Bembridge Business Association (PDF)
Bembridge Heritage Society (PDF)
Rural Community Council (PDF)
Sandown Forum (PDF)
Yaverland Residents Association (PDF)

Parish and town councils

Arreton Parish Council (PDF)
Bembridge Parish Council 1 (PDF)
Bembridge Parish Council 2 (PDF)
Freshwater Parish Council (PDF)
Brading Town Council (PDF)
Gurnard Parish Council (PDF)
Lake Parish Council (PDF)
Nitton Whitwell and Yarmouth Parish Councils (PDF)
Northwood Village Management Committee (PDF)
Ryde Town Management Committee 1 (PDF)
Ryde Town Management Committee  2 (PDF)
Sandown Town Council 1 (PDF)
Sandown Town Council 2 (PDF)
Ventnor Town Council 1 (PDF)
Ventnor Town Council 2 (PDF)
Totland Parish Council (PDF)
Isle of Wight Association of Parish & Town Council (PDF)

Political groups

Bembridge Conservative Branch (PDF)
Isle of Wight Labour Party (PDF)
Liberal Democrat Local Party (PDF)


Bates (PDF)
Blezzard (PDF)
Fuller (PDF)
Groom (PDF)
James (PDF)
Waterson (PDF)
Woodford (PDF)

Stage Three submissions

Isle of Wight Council (PDF)

Political groups

Labour Party (PDF)
Liberal Democrats (PDF)
Bembridge Conservative Branch (PDF)

Elected officials

Andrew Turner MP 1 (PDF)Andrew Turner MP2 (PDF)Andrew Turner MP 3 (PDF)Councillor Churchman (PDF)Councillor Chapman (PDF)Councillor Abraham (PDF)

Town and Parish Councils

Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils (DOC)
Bembridge Parish Council (PDF)
Brading Town Council (PDF)
St Helens Parish Council (PDF)
Sandown Town Council (PDF)
Shanklin Town Council (DOC)
Lake Parish Council (PDF)
Cowes Town Council (PDF)
Gurnard Parish Council (PDF)
Northwood Village Management Committee (PDF)
Newport Town Management Committee (DOC)
Shorwell Parish Council (PDF)
Havenstreet and Ashley Parish Council (PDF)
Newchurch Parish Council (PDF)


Pigot (PDF)
Prescott, D (PDF)
Prescott, R (PDF)
Donnellan (PDF)
Richards (PDF)

Associations and societies

Bembridge Sailing Branch (PDF)

Representations on final recommendations

Shanklin Town Council (PDF)
Freshwater Parish Council (DOC)
Grannum, P (PDF)

The final report of the previous review of the Isle of Wight (PDF) was published in 1997.

The draft report (PDF) was published in 1996.

A structural review was carried out by the Local Government Commission for England (LGCE), and was started on 3 August 1992

Final report (PDF) published on 25 April 1993

Draft report (PDF) published on 21 December 1992