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This review was carried out by the Local Government Commission for England (LGCE), and started on 7 September 1999.

Final report (PDF), published on 5 September 2000

Map 1 Existing wards in Rossendale; (PDF)

Map 2 The Commission's final recommendations for Rossendale; (PDF)

Map A1 Proposed boundary between Cribden and Hareholme wards; (PDF)

Map A2 Proposed boundary between Greensclough and Irwell wards; (PDF)

Map A3 Proposed boundary between Greensclough and Stacksteads wards; (PDF)

Large map (7.4 Mb) illustrating the proposed warding arrangements for the borough. This may take some time to download; (PDF)

Draft report (PDF), published on 5 February 2000