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Wiltshire Unitary Authority (UA)

Review Body

The Boundary Committee for England began an electoral review of the new unitary authority of Wiltshire on 26 February 2008. It completed this review on 14 November 2008. 

On 11 February 2009 the Electoral Commission decided to accept the Boundary Commitee for England's recommendations for the new electoral arrangements for the new unitary authority of Wiltshire, with three modifications:

  • Boundaries of county electoral divisions were slightly altered in 17 places to follow new parish boundaries established by the North Wiltshire (Parishes) Order 2008.
  • The ward of Warminster Copheap and Wylye was renamed Warminster Copheap.
  • The Corsham Pickwick and Rudloe electoral division was renamed Corsham Pickwick.

Print (PDF) and web (PDF) versions of the order to give effect to this decision are published by the Office of Public Sector Information. The order refers to Sheet 1 (PDF), Sheet 2 (PDF), Sheet 3 (PDF), Sheet 4 (PDF), Sheet 5 (PDF), Sheet 6 (PDF), Sheet 7 (PDF), Sheet 8 (PDF) and Sheet 9 (PDF) of the order map.

Final recommendations (PDF) and executive summary (PDF) published 14 November 2008.

Maps of the area: Map 1 (PDF), Map 2 (PDF), Map 3 (PDF), Map 4 (PDF), Map 5 (PDF), Map 6 (PDF)

Draft recommendations (PDF) and executive summary (PDF) published 1 July 2008.

Maps of the area: Map 1 (PDF) , Map 2 (PDF) , Map 3 (PDF) , Map 4 (PDF) , Map 5 (PDF) and Map 6 (PDF)

Please note: some of these maps may be very large and may take some time to download.

Following the publication of our draft recommendations it became evident that several stakeholders would like further clarification of our draft recommendations.

Although the Boundary Committee for England did not made any amendments to our draft recommendations for Wiltshire, we felt that it would be useful to provide some clarification at this stage. 

Chippenham (Map 3B) (PDF) 

Warminster (Map 6B) (PDF)

Westbury (Map 6A) (PDF)

Wootton Bassett (Map 3A) (PDF)