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Review Body

This review was started by the Local Government Commission for England (LGCE) on 27 March 2001 but, following the transfer of the LGCE's functions to The Electoral Commission, the review was completed by The Boundary Committee for England (BCFE).

The Order implementing The Electoral Commission's decision on the final recommendations of this review has been made and can be viewed on Her Majesty's Stationery Office's website. The Implementation Team section of the Commission's website explains how the Commission's decisions on The Boundary Committee for England's final recommendations are made into Orders. The current boundaries of the electoral wards and divisions can be viewed on Ordnance Survey's election maps website. Parish warding is not shown on the election maps website. It can be seen on the mapping from the Committee's final recommendations below; any modifications are listed in the Explanatory Note at the back of the Order.

Final report (PDF), published on 3 April 2002 by the BCFE

Map 1 Existing boundaries; (PDF)

Map 2 Illustrating final recommendations; (PDF)

Large Map (5.4 Mb) Illustrating ward boundaries for Christchurch; (PDF)

Draft report (PDF), Published on 9 October 2001 by the LGCE

Map 1 Existing boundaries; (PDF)

Map 2 Illustrating draft recommendations; (PDF)

Large Map (5.14 Mb) Illustrating the existing and proposed warding arrangements for Christchurch; (PDF)