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Our staff

Our structure 

Our organisational chart (PDF) details the Commission's structure

We are headed by seven commissioners who are supported by a Chief Executive and a Management team.

Jolyon Jackson CBE

Chief Executive

email: jolyon.jackson@lgbce.org.uk
telephone: 0330 500 1290


Our Management team support Commissioners by providing the day-to-day leadership to implement our strategy successfully. They are: 


Lynn Ingram

Director of Finance

email: lynn.ingram@lgbce.org.uk
telephone: 0330 500 1263


Marcus Bowell

Director of Strategy and Communications

email: marcus.bowell@lgbce.org.uk
telephone: 0330 500 1250


Richard Buck

Review Manager

email: richard.buck@lgbce.org.uk
telephone: 0330 500 1271


Alison Evison

Review and Programme Manager

email: alison.evison@lgbce.org.uk
telephone: 0330 500 1270


Johanna Porter

Review Manager

email: johanna.porter@lgbce.org.uk
telephone: 0330 500 1281