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FOI requests

In this area you will find information about Freedom of Information including:

You can also view Freedom of Information requests made to us and our predecessor the Boundary Committee for England, and responses to these requests, by searching the database below.

  • FOI 1109

    FOI request for copies of documents in the following categories: advice(reports, initial comments,correspondence, notes of telephone calls) from the Electoral Commission's financial consultants relating to and following the issuing of further guidance by the Secretary of State on 5.12.08 and the decision of Justice Cranston of High Court on 8.1.09. Any agenda papers, briefing notes, reports minutes and subsequent correspondence relating to meetings of the Boundary Comittee concerning its consideration of the Secretary of State's further guidance and the advice of the EC's financial consultants and a list of papers released to Devon County Council under any request for information since January 2008


  • FOI 1409

    Following that the Boundary Committee for England has decided that the Unitary Council for Northumberland requires the same number of councillors as the existing Northumberland County Council. This FOI request is for the detailed calculations used by the Boundary Committee to reach the decision of 67 councillors and all information including minutes of meetings, letters, reports, calculations, etc used to calculate the need for 67 councillors


  • FOI 0609

    FOI request for copies of all information (including diary entries, email correspondence, meeting notes and records of telephone conversations) that records any actual or proposed meeting and communication between The Boundary Committee and members and/or officers of Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council since February 2008


  • FOI 1309

    FOI request for copies of the minutes of the Boundary Committee's meetings about the Shropshire Review, and also those of the Electoral Commission's Implementation minutes leading up to the Decision Statement.


  • FOI 0509

    FOI request for all correspondence, notes and other documents passing between the Electoral Commission, your financial consultants and the Secretary of State on all matters concerned with or touching upon affordability since 8th December 2008


  • FOI 0409

    FOI request to see any minutes of meetings since 6 February 2008 which relate to the original Exeter Proposal (referred to as paragraph 4 of the Secretary of State's Request to the Boundary Committee to advise) which have not already been disclosed.


  • FOI 9908

    FOI request to see the Structural Review Communications Strategy report and the Structural Review Risk Register report from the 19 June 2008 Boundary Committee meeting


  • FOI 9608

    FOI request for a copy of any relevant meeting notes or minutes of meetings of the Boundary Committee when they discussed their considerations in relation to draft or emerging proposals for a unitary pattern of local government in Devon and a copy of the officer report produced following their discussions. I also request a copy of the initial report produced prior to these meetings and discussions.


  • FOI 9108

    FOI request for a copy of the project plan and risk register for the review of Norfolk\; a copy of all advice and direction from the DCLG with regard to, in part or full, the review of Norfolk\; and a copy of the evaluation of each of the options initially submitted by the local authorities


  • FOI 9008

    FOI request for all information relating to the consideration of a unitary solution for Norfolk, limiting the time period to the following – 15th May to 7th July, and the scope of the enquiry to include only the documentation relating to the formulation of the Draft Proposals for Norfolk as subsequently published on the 7th July and include within the documentation only those held by the Director Mr Gall, the lead officer for Norfolk Mr Atkinson, and his colleague Ms Wildig.


  • FOI 12108

    FOIO request for information on a consultation commissioned by the Boundary committee by independent consultants of their views on the proposed Unitary Authority for Norfolk. The requester would like to know who these consultants are, their qualifications, who commissioned them, who paid them and how much.


  • FOI 12008

    FOI request for copies of the minutes of the committee meetings held on 19th June and 28th June relating to the structural review of local government in Norfolk and Suffolk


  • FOI 11408

    FOI request for: with regard to the Wiltshire review, how many people made an objection but wished their anonymity? How many of these objected solely on the Harnham boundary and what is the largest variance that has been permitted by the Boundary Committee since its inception?


  • FOI 10808

    FOi request for confirmation that there were no declarations of personal interest made by those Members of the Committee participating in the Committee Meetings of 15 May 2008 and 21 May 2008? - Follow up to FOI requests 7508 and 8908


  • FOI 10708

    FOI request for copies of any notes of meetings held between the Boundary Committee and/or its representatives, and Norfolk County Council, Norwich City Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council concerning their respective proposals for unitary local government in Norfolk.


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