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About electoral reviews

In this area you will find:

  • information about electoral reviews and the review process
  • guidance to support people having an electoral review in their area
  • guidance for those who have been asked to carry out a five-year forecast of electorate
  • information on when reviews will be carried out

An electoral review is an examination of a council’s electoral arrangements. This means:

  • the total number of members elected to the council;
  • the number and boundaries of electoral areas (wards/division) for the purposes of the election of councillors;
  • the number of councillors for any electoral area of a local authority; and
  • the name of any electoral area.

Guidance for current reviews 

In April 2014 the Commission published new guidance to explain the process of an electoral review.

The Commission has also published two guides to help you make submissions to the Commission during public consultation:

Electorate forms

We use the electoral register to establish the electorate of councils under review, and ask local authorities to complete forms with this information broken down into parish and polling district areas. We publish these forms on the relevant area's review page at the start of consultation on ward or division boundaries, so everyone can access the information.

Five-year forecasts of electorate

As part of the review process, local authorities are asked to make five-year forecasts of their electorate. Our guidance on how to produce a five-year forecast can be found here:

Electoral review programme

The Commission also publishes a timetable for current and upcoming electoral reviews:

Please bear in mind this is subject to change and this will be updated periodically.